• Dedicated Valvenco Project Team

    A long serving and globally experienced team ensure that all aspects of the project receive the utmost attention from receipt of the enquiry to delivery of the last document.

    Dedicated Valvenco Project Team

  • Added Value

    Custom built project management systems, a dedicated and experienced global team, coupled with detailed customer and supplier knowledge provide added value to project execution.

    Added Value

  • Integrated ERP Software

    A globally scaled ERP system provides real time data on sub order status with the ability to provide dash board, project specific, reporting.

    Integrated ERP Software

  • Communication with Suppliers and Clients

    Dedicated personnel provide a single point of contact to ensure consistent and regular information for both clients and suppliers.

    Communication with Suppliers and Clients

  • Expediting & Inspection

    Valvenco & LFF teams are strategically located to execute projects, ensuring the mills and manufacturers perform in accordance with the contract requirements. LFF inspection personnel are engaged with the mills to ensure material and documentation is fully compliant with all requirements.

    Expediting & Inspection

  • Influence with Manufacturers

    Years of Industry experience has allowed Valvenco to establish and hold close relationships with key valve manufacturers, providing a significant advantage with selection, pricing, schedule and production priorities.

    Influence with Manufacturers

  • Early Interaction to Develop Critical Path

    Years of project experience, coupled with close relationships with the world’s leading valve manufacturers, positions Valvenco to assist clients with the early development and engineering of critical path and mitigating scenarios to ensure the overall project schedule is not affected.

    Early Interaction to Develop Critical Path

  • Proactive

    The Valvenco and LFF project teams offer a proactive approach to project management, working with customers to ensure that all aspects of a project are planned, monitored and reported. Our 30+ years experience helps us to identify and communicate critical path items and to offer realistic solutions to customers’ challenges.


  • On Time Delivery of Material and Documentation

    Materials and documents consistently delivered in accordance with customer’s requirements and an absolute focus on meeting or exceeding expectations.

    On Time Delivery of Material and Documentation